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Height Pollinator
Kumquat Nagami
The small oval fruit is a brilliant deep orange colour with a highly aromatic skin. The fruit holds on the tree for a long period adding to its high ornamental value. It can be eaten whole as a fresh fruit or in the same way as other kumquats.
Self Pollinating

Tahesian Lime 


Marsh Grapefruit

A prolific bearer producing small to medium, yellow/orange with a red tinge skin Apricots which have a sweet, juicy, light orange flesh. Matures: Approx. late November - December. Pollination: Self fertile. Growing Regions: Coastal Areas, Warm Semi - Arid, Warm Temperate, Mediterranean, Cool and Cool Temperate. Size: Approx. H: 8 - 12m
Rangpur Lime

Mandarine Nules

Mandarin Silver Hill
Mandarin Afourer
Orange Navelina
Orange Newhall
Orange Cara Cara
Orange Washington 
Orange Maltese Blood
Buddahs Hand 
Eureka Lemon 



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